Open 6 Days a Week

Now Open Every Monday!

Starting July 3rd, Pennyroyal Scuba will be open for divers to enjoy on Mondays for the rest of the 2017 Summer Season. By adding Mondays to the schedule, divers can enjoy 6 days a week diving. Tuesday is the only day the resort will be closed until the fall season.

Now that we are opening up every Monday, those divers that can’t make it out during the weekend can have the extra day to get in the water.

We have had a few divers ask about our fall hours if we are going to be open any during the week. We are still working on the schedule and will be announcing any changes at a later date.

We are looking forward to being here on Mondays so that our guest can dive.


  1. Tom Parker says:

    Kris, this Tom Parker of Murray Scuba if we can get the number of students to commit may we come on a Wednesday and Thursday to certify them? We will need at least 4 to bring them we may have more and if it is ok I will call you with the dates. Thanks Tom Parker

    • Hi Tom, We are open both Wed & Thur from 10 to 4. Just let me know when and we can make it happen. The only day we are closed now is Tuesdays

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