2022 Trip Booking

Thanks for taking a look at our upcoming trips for 2021. If you are interested in one of our great adventures, you can book your spot right here or contact us if you have questions. All travelers are required to complete a travel agreement & waiver. You can download this form at the bottom of the page.

N. Carolina Weekend

Dive Leader: Joe Lewis

July 1st thru 3rd 2022

Buddy Dive Bonaire

Dive Leader: Kris Tapp

April 20th thru 27th 2022

Contact Kris to get booked on this out of country Adventure.


Georgia Aquarium Trip

Dive Leader: Christa Tapp

Sept 17th 2022

Roatan 2021 Adventure

Dive Leader: Kris Tapp

October 1st thru 8th 2022

Contact Kris to get booked on this out of country Adventure.


Let's Travel Together

Learning to scuba dive not only gives you more access to the underwater world, it gives you more options while on vacation or going on a group trip. Traveling on group trips is a blast. You get to experience destinations that most just float past. From quick weekend getaways to week long adventures, joining in on a group trip offers a little something for divers of all skill sets. Most trips are rated for Open Water divers while others are specialized for different skill requirements. We at Pennyroyal are passionate about diving and preserving the underwater world for future divers to enjoy. Every now and then we like to get out and dive away from the park to keep our love and dedication of the sport alive & thriving. Week long adventures with us are always all inclusive meaning that everything is included at the destination. We do not include transportation on any of our trips as some divers like to use points instead of paying for air travel. We make it easy to travel with our groups. Our professional dive leaders are always ready to take you on your next adventure. If you have questions about any upcoming trips, click the message button in the lower left screen, you can also email or give us a call. We are always here to help answer any questions you may have.

As always, we encourage all divers to travel with as well as participate their local dive shop.