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Pennyroyal started with a single attraction back in 1994. Our 1941 Dodge firetruck has been a staple attraction for nearly 25 years. Over the years, several items have been acquired for dive sites. Some of the larger sites such as the Yacht wreck, Motorhome, Scuba Bus are just to name a few. 

Check out the entire list of our underwater attractions and the approx depths they are located. You can also download a site map to bring with you or ask our staff when you check in. 

Dive Site


Dive Site


Dive Site



Yacht Wreck

Black Boat

Cessna Wreck


Wash Machine

O/W Platform

Cabin Cruiser

Deep Freeze

Conveyor Belt

Big Forest

Crusher Hopper

Sail Boat

25 Feet

22 Feet

23 Feet

21 Feet

112 Feet

92 Feet

18 Feet

45 Feet

87 Feet

98 Feet

105 Feet

75 Feet

30 Feet

1941 Firetruck

Bath tub

Blue Boat



Red Eye Dingy

Big Tree

AOW Platform

Shallow Van

Conveyor Line

Scuba Bus

Deep Van

Truck Cab

38 Feet

19 Feet

102 Feet

20 Feet

18 Feet

101 Feet

119 Feet

96 Feet

20 Feet

120 Feet

24 Feet

65 Feet

95 Feet

Red Boat

Scuba Cycle

Pump Hole

O/W Platform

Little Forest

Truck Bed

O/W Platform

Cabin Cruiser

Blue Dolphin

Stage Platform

Rock Stockpile


Buoyancy Course

24 Feet

25 Feet

113 Feet

18 Feet

64 Feet

119 Feet

18 Feet

48 Feet

96 Feet

26 Feet

100 Feet

53 Feet

35 Feet