Welcome To Kentucky's Bluewater Scuba Park

Clearly Different Scuba Diving!

Planning Your Visit

Maybe for the day or the weekend, its always helpful to plan your trip out. We have designed this page to help assist you in planning your visit with us. As always you may call us and we can help. This page has information that can help ensure your visit is fun and enjoyable.

Staying Local

Are you looking for overnight accommodations? Being located inside the city limits has many advantages. Of course our park offers primitive camping & RV space. Currently we have 5 RV electric hookups however generators are welcome.  

If you don’t want to camp out, there are always hotels and motels in the area and less than a 5 minute drive from our park. Not all give divers special rates so we encourage all guest to use one of our hotel partners.

Make sure to mention that your diving with us and they should apply the divers rate.

Hotel Partners

210 Harvey Way
Hopkinsville Ky, 42240
Phone 270-985-1101 Diver Rate: 

Holiday Inn & Suites Convention Center

100 Tilley Way
Hopkinsville, KY 42240

Hampton Inn & Suites

210 Richard Mills Dr, Hopkinsville, KY 42240 Phone: 270-886-8800 

Everything Packed?

While we do rent most everything needed to dive, there are a couple of things that we don’t.  If you are going to be diving in the deeper end of the quarry, you will want hood and gloves. These are two items that we discontinued renting in 2017. We do have them available for purchase, but we do prefer you visiting your local dive shop if you don’t have these items. 

We do have hooded vest available for those wanting a little extra warmth on the core.

We have you covered if you forget things like your booties, mask, computer, wetsuit, bcd, tanks and weights.

We always recommend that you check and double check to make sure you have everything. One of the best ways to avoid problems is diving your own equipment because you are familiar with it and it should fit with minimal adjustments.

If you are planning to make it a weekend trip and forget or need anything, Hopkinsville does have a Walmart & several Dollar General Stores in a short distance from the park.

Arriving at the Park

Now that you have everything ready and packed, is there a way to speed up getting into the park? Yes there is. We have for a few years now offered Online Registration. If you wish to get registered before you arrive, simply click the button at the bottom of the page and you can get started. By completing the online registration, we will already have you in the computer system and are able to check you in faster. 

If you wish to wait until you arrive, that is fine too. Just give yourself some time as we will have to register and check in those who have not registered online. 

Most divers wonder how long does it take to get checked in? During peak season, we open 5 check in stations. We are looking to expand to 6 in the near future. From the time we open the gate until the line is checked in has been running about a hour on Saturdays and less than an hour on Sunday’s. Why is Sunday a shorter time frame? Because new guest are registering on site on Saturday’s and we mostly just have check ins on Sundays. Depending on the season these times may be shorter or longer based on arriving guest & staffing

Express Check In

With our new Express check in, you can purchase your tickets to the park online. Print them out and bring with you so that you can sign in with our staff right from your vehicle. We will have you sign the daily waiver printed on your ticket and collect it. Once we scan you in, you will be given your armband and you are ready to proceed to the staging area. It’s quick and easy. just visit our online ticket office to get started.

First Time Registration

Other Things to Do

Hopkinsville has several things for non diving guest to do. From exploring Historic downtown to Ft. Campbell. Hopkinsville has it’s own unique feel. Learn about Edgar Casey aka The Sleeping Profit. Mini golf at Christian Way farms, tour both Casey Jones & MB Rowland Distilleries. Visit the historic Trail of Tears Park located right on the other side of the interstate. With so much to do, you can make a mini vacation and still enjoy some scuba diving. 

For more information on these and other local attractions, stop by our Visitors Center located at the Trail of Tears park and find out more about what all Hopkinsville & Christian County has to offer.