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2024 Online Ticket Office

Have you already visited us before, or completed your online registration? You can purchase your admission tickets, air fill tickets and Nitrox tickets here and redeem them during your next visit. All tickets are valid during the season they are purchased so they don’t expire until the end of each season. You will still have to check in with our staff, but you can save time by presenting your ticket at check-in.

Tickets MUST be printed to use Express Check-In

Notice: Refunds are not given for Online Tickets . Please make sure you select the tickets that you need. Park Policy: No Refunds on Air Fills or Entry Fees on site or online.

Details Price Qty
Diver Daily Pass (General)show details + $29.68 USD*  
Diver Weekend Dive Passshow details + $58.30 USD*  
Solo Diver Daily Passshow details + $37.10 USD*  
Solo Diving Weekend Passshow details + $63.60 USD*  
Non Diver Passshow details + $10.60 USD*  
Air Fillshow details + $10.60 USD*  
Nitrox Fill (32 to 40%)show details + $15.90 USD*  
Primitive Campingshow details + $10.60 USD*  
Cylinder Rental (Air)show details + $15.90 USD*  
Basic Rental Packageshow details + $53.00 USD*  
Deluxe Rental Packageshow details + $74.20 USD*  

* price includes taxes

Online Pass Sale Terms & Conditions

Thanks for choosing our online pass purchase page. Please note that all sales both online and in person are Final with no refunds. In the event of a accidental purchase, please email us so that we can correct it. Any disputed credit card charges or returned checks will be assessed a $50.00 service fee. In the event of a dispute, you agree to contact us so that we can resolve the issue. All tickets are valid until the end of the printed season. Tickets may also be extended into the next season at the discretion of park management. By continuing on to our purchase page, you agree to our No Refund Policy and that in the event of an error, will contact and work with us so that we can make any corrections to resolve your issue. Please do not just automatically dispute with your card provider as this causes additional fees for us and potentially you if your dispute is found in our favor by your card issuer. We strive to make our customer relations the best it can be.