Welcome To Kentucky's Bluewater Scuba Park

Clearly Different Scuba Diving!

Park Rules for Safe & Fun Scuba Diving

We have our Park Rules in place to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe diving experience. We do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for any reason given or not. Pennyroyal Scuba is private property & a private entity business. Thus we may exercise our right to refuse service to those in violation of our park rules. Pennyroyal Scuba is a dedicated scuba diving park, No public swimming access.

  1. C-card is required to dive. If no picture is on card then another form of ID will be required.
  2. No fishing of any kind, this includes spear fishing. Anyone caught will be asked to leave and a fine of $500.00 per lb. of fish caught.
  3. No alcoholic drinks or illegal drugs on resort property.
  4. All persons must have flotation on and fastened anytime in the water except in swimming area.
  5. All divers must have BCD, depth gauge, and pressure gauge.
  6. Lost items found on the property MUST BE turned in to our staff and will go to our lost & found to be returned to the rightful owner.
  7. Any diver caught taking a non diver diving will be asked to leave the park.
  8. Respect all other guests and their property.
  9. No one allowed on resort property after hours unless camping, or other arrangements are made, i.e. night diving.
  10. All guests must check in daily before proceeding to water.
  11. No mobile compressors or cascading fill systems allowed on property.
  12. No pets allowed on property.
  13. All divers must be checked in to dive before 3 PM on Sundays.
  14. No Cliff Diving or Jumping
  15. All divers must have a signed waiver and an armband on while on the resort property.
  16. No parking in pavilion area. Use to load and unload equipment only.
  17. No Camping on lower level aka pavilion area.
  18. Keep dock and walkways into the water clear of equipment.
  19. No moving of Wetsuit Racks & Picnic Tables.
  20. Only dive during normal business hours or when PSC Staff are on duty. 
  21. All divers must be out of the water at closing time unless prior arrangements have been made. A $75.00 after hours fee will be assessed starting at 30 minutes past posted  park closing time.
  22. No one under 18 allowed entry unless part of a scuba class/group or have adult supervision while on park property. 

Deep Diving Requirement: Do Not Dive Deep unless you are properly trained & equipped for depths below 60 feet.

Recommended Minimum Requirements for Deep Dive(s):

  1. Redundant Air System with properly serviced 1st and 2nd cold water regulator or spare air system.
  2. Dive Computer
  3. At least 2 Dive Lights
  4. Minimum of 7mm wetsuit with hood & gloves or Dry Suit system.
  5. Be under the direction of an active instructor.
  6. Plan out your dive & dive out your plan.

Reservation & Cancellation Policy

Anytime other than posted hours, the resort will be closed. During these hours, divers may reserve a time to dive. Anyone wanting to dive during the winter season MUST have reservations. Divers may reserve days during the week during our spring and fall seasons. There shall be no less that (4) four divers to make the reservations. Divers wishing to make reservations will be required to have a valid credit card, and must make the deposit of $100.00 (the total of 4 divers admission). Divers must be informed that if they do not show up they will be charged for the reservation. If less that 4 divers arrive, the remainder shall be charged to the credit card. Divers that make a reservation and all in the group show up, may take care of their entry themselves and not be charged to the deposit card. (in short if you make a reservation you pay for the reservation if you don’t show up.) Staff members are required when making a reservation to verify the date, number of divers, credit card for deposit. Inform the divers of the cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation must be made at least 48 hours in advance of reserved date. Refund of deposit will be refunded if cancelled outside the 48 hour window. Cancellation inside the 48 hour window will be non refundable and the diver will lose their deposit. This policy shall be in effect and remain in effect until revoked by management.