Welcome To Kentucky's Bluewater Scuba Park

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Meet Our Professional Staff Members

Our staff members are hand-picked by our owners because they have demonstrated a devotion to the diving industry and to diving safely. These divers actively continue their diving education and strive for a great customer experience. All staff members of the resort are trained in first aid, CPR, and AED operation, and play an active role in emergency operations drills. Our instructor are monitored during classes for quality assurance that they are conducting classes in a professional manner. Our staff members are here to ensure that our divers have the best and safest experience possible.

Current Staff Members

Brian Tierney SSI AIT TDI Inst

Wally Hitchcox Instructor

Brandon Sneed SSI Master Diver

Emily Shangraw Park Staff

Jordan Carroll SSI OWI

Joe Lewis SSI Dive Master

Mike Shutts SSI Master Diver

Chad Shangraw Park Staff

Christa Tapp Dive Master

Michael Cornett SSI Instructor

Stephanie Deserable PADI DMC

Terri Tierney Office Staff

Jeff Kincaid SSI OWI

Tammy Storm SSI Instructor

Jason Bloom PADI DMC

Christina Lewis Office Staff

Past Staff Members

Over the past 29 years, we have been lucky to have these awesome divers help build the park that we all love and enjoy. From our very first staff member Les Simmons who was with us for 18 years to Dan Kirk who moved this past season and all those in between helped shape the park we know today. These great divers dedicated their time to help build a diving destination for divers of all skill sets. We’re thankful for their time with us. These past members will always be part of our scuba family.

Les Simmons Dive Master 1994 - 2012

Linas Reed 2013 - 2014

Dan Kirk 2020 - 2023

Eric Alhemyer 1998 - 2008

Howard Ridenour 2016 - 2019

Rob Miller 2013 - 2020

Robert Criswell 2002 - 2012

John Sackett 2018 - 2020

Nikki Bouiver 2013 - 2020

Mike Woodall 2000 - 2015

Kenny Anderson 2010 - 2019