Welcome To Kentucky's Bluewater Scuba Park

Clearly Different Scuba Diving!

Our Priority is Diver Safety

Our mission is simple, To provide our guest with a fun and safe environment in which to train or just enjoy the underwater world. Our guest safety and enjoyment are our top priorities. Divers should always dive within their comfort levels and with properly maintained equipment.

All of the resort staff are trained in BLS skills, Oxygen administration, & AED. We have an Emergency Operations Plan in place and participate with the local emergency services in training and drills so that our local EMS providers are up to date diving related emergencies. Trained in the highest standards through Scuba Schools International & the American Heart Association, rest assured our staff is ready and able to respond to any diving related emergency.

An underwater recall system can also be used to call divers to the surface in case of a diving emergency or if inclement weather approaches

Emergency Operations Plan

Safety Operations:

A qualified Dive Master and/or EMT FR, Basic, or Paramedic will always be on duty whenever PSC Blue Springs Resort is open for diving to the public. These individuals are trained in oxygen administration, first aid, AED and CPR procedures, as well as rescue breathing and airway obstruction. A rescue board is available for open water patrol and rescue. A first aid station is located at the main water entry area also known as the concession stand. In the event of any emergency a staff member of PSC Blue Springs must be notified. Staff members can be identified by their royal blue polo shirts with the resort logo on the chest. At that time the staff member shall enact the plan listed below.

Emergency Evacuation:

In all emergencies, Christian Co. EOC must be contacted immediately by calling 911. Give your name, and specific location and all other pertinent information that is required. Bring someone with you when making an emergency call so that someone can stay by the phone at least three (3) minutes for any return calls. In the event of a life threatening emergency, request

Air Evac 10 (Air Ambulance) located at 426 W. 19th St Hopkinsville Ky. Ph.# 270-881-5927 & be dispatched immediately.

If unavailable request PHI Air Medical Greenville Ky. 1-888-807-0682                         Local Base 270-338-5181.

If unavailable, request Vanderbilt Life flight, Clarksville Tn.

(Air Evac 10 Hopkinsville, Ky. (Primary) Emergency 270-881-9527)

(PHI Air Medical) Greenville Ky. 1-888-807-0682) (Local 270-338-5181)

(Vanderbilt Life Flight Clarksville TN, (Secondary) 911

Patient Care Prior to EMS Arrival

Maintain ABC’s. Provide O2 via O2 Mask or Bag Valve Mask. 

1. Near Drowning’s with loss of consciousness

First call 911 & request Air Evac 10 270-881-9527. PHI Air Medical or Vanderbilt Life Flight Second must be called while the victim is being removed from the water in an unconscious condition.

2. Cerebral Arterial Gas (A.G.E.)

Although rare, this is a very serious diving injury. Whenever the victim is suspected of experiencing an air embolism, as it is commonly called, Air Evac 10 must be called. Signs and symptoms include: all convulsions (seizure activity), unconsciousness, bloody froth at the mouth, partial or full paralysis, etc.

3. Trauma:

Any trauma such as: uncontrolled bleeding requires immediate evacuation. Call the Christian Co. EOC (911) to request Air Evac 10 immediately. Air Evac 10 881-9527

4. Decompression Sickness (Bends):

This can be a very serious diving injury. A diver may ascend too quickly and get the bends. Signs and Symptoms include: Sever immobility, paralysis, possible convulsions, itchy skin, sever joint pain etc. First Aid treatment includes oxygen administration in all the above emergency cases, when the victim is conscious or unconscious, in all situations air ambulance must be immediately dispatched to the scene of the accident or incident.

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)

The GPS Coordinates for the Air Evac, PHI Air Medical or Vanderbilt Life Flight Helicopters to land at Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs is

N 36’51.676 Longitude. W 087’28.050 Latitude.

To designate area for the landing site the landing zone (LZ) is located just inside the entrance gate to the left, in the big open area. The victim shall be transported from the waterfront to the LZ by ambulance. Victim Preparation for Air Ambulance: The victim after first aid treatment must be prepared for air evacuations by air ambulance and brought to LZ designated for the air ambulance helicopter. The victim shall be placed on Long Spine Board (LSB) and secured with safety straps while waiting for air transport.

Air Evacuation Procedures:

Dive related accidents. First call Christian Co. EOC at 911 or at 890-1300 to request that an ambulance and air ambulance be dispatched immediately to Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs, if you suspect the injury was diving related, i.e. Air Embolism, or the Bends, the next call is to the Divers Alert Network at 919-684-8111, to report the nature of the accident, location, etc. Always ask for assistance and request permission to bring the victim to Regional Medical Center located at 900 Hospital Dr, Madisonville KY, 42431 Ph.# 270-825-5100, Give your name, location, phone # 270-887-2585, and a brief concise description of the incident. Regional Medical Center is located thirty-five (35) miles north of Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs. If Regional Medical Center is not available, direct to the next closes facility which is, Owensboro Medical Health System, Owensboro Ky. OMHS is located approximately 75 miles North Northeast of Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs Resort.

Hyperbaric Chambers:

Regional Medical Center, Madisonville Ky.                       Phone# (270)-825-5100

Owensboro Medical Health Systems, Owensboro, Ky.       Phone# (270)-688-4325

1-919-684- 9111 For Diving Emergencies Only