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Online Travel Agreement Registration Form

A. Affiliation Disclosure:

Please note that PENNYROYAL SCUBA BLUE SPRINGS is not a travel agency.  We are not an agent for any airline, hotel, resort, dive shop / operator or tour company. PENNYROYAL SCUBA BLUE SPRINGS. works with vendors (Inland & International destinations) and certified scuba divers to benefit dive travelers.  While we at PENNYROYAL SCUBA BLUE SPRINGS. exercises our best judgment and experience, we do not guarantee or warrant any aspect of the planned travel.

The participant therefore acknowledges that group travel organized and coordinated by PENNYROYAL SCUBA BLUE SPRINGS will result in contracts between the participant and various vendors associated with dive travel, including but not limited to airlines, hotels, tour companies, rental car agencies, dive shops and/or operators.  All such contractual agreements are subject to vendor rules, terms and limitations, as well as any state, federal and international treaties and laws.

At no time shall PENNYROYAL SCUBA BLUE SPRINGS. assume responsibility or liability for any service, transportation or equipment made available by any resort, hotel, or other person or entity, either as to its safety, quality or condition, or the acts for any employee or agent of such establishment, firm, person, or entity

B. Risks Traveling Abroad & Covid-19

It is understood that dive travel may subject the applicant to changing international laws, rules, regulations, immigration and entry requirements, including but not limited to health and safety requirements such as pre-trip testing, post-arrival testing, quarantine obligations and vaccine requirements of the destination.

Compliance with international laws and regulations is the sole responsibility of the participant.  Participants are therefore strongly encouraged to purchase travel insurance covering cancellation for any reason, international health insurance and international auto insurance.  The impact of international laws, rules, regulations, including health requirements shall not be the responsibility of Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs. At no time shall Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs be responsible for refunds or trip interruptions due to such laws, regulations or health requirements or unanticipated changes thereto.

C. Booking Process

Certified divers & Non divers that are interested in travel that is organized and promoted by Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs must complete the Trip Agreement form. Included in this form is a release of liability & waiver stating that you, your legal guardian, heirs or any other legal power of attorney on your behalf agree not to bring suit against Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs, it’s owners, agents, assigns or any other employee under Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs. This form along with the required non refundable trip deposit shall be entered into the travel record that you have read the agreement, paid the deposit and are booked into your spot once received by Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs.

D. Deposits

All deposits are non-refundable and is the minimum amount that is required per person to reserve their spot on the dive travel. This deposit will be applied to the trip cost. Deposits are dedicated to the detailed trip in which you are agreeing to travel. This includes the date & destination of the trip. This is non refundable & non transferrable to any other person or future travel.

E. Travel Insurance (Highly Recommended)

Travel insurance is encouraged for all travelers that are participating in group travel with Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs. Recommended to include trip interruption, cancellation, medical coverage, lost luggage & dive medical coverage. If you are interested in travel insurance, we recommend Dive Assure & D.A.N. travel insurance.

F. Cancellations Terms & Conditions

In the event that a participant must cancel their travel, this must be done so in writing. Participant may mail cancellation request to Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs (602 Christian Quarry Rd, Hopkinsville KY,  42240) or email to info@pennyroyalscuba.com. This is required for time & date stamp to determine if any payments received (deposit excluded) are due or refundable. Due to trip planning and possible charges for cancellation by the vendor, the participant understands and acknowledges that all or part of the cost may not be refundable & can include up to the total cost of the trip. Vendors reserve the right to determine if refunds are given. Depending on cancellation timeframe, there may or may not be a partial or full refund returned. Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs can not determine any refunds for cancellations to vendor. Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs cancellation fees & timeframes will apply to travel.

In the event that Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs incurs costs to collect any balance owed or cancellation fees owed, the participant agrees to pay all cost incurred for collections. This includes any court cost and reasonable attorney fees. All collections shall be under the jurisdiction of Christian County Kentucky in the city of Hopkinsville.

G. Cancellation Timeframe & Fees:
Within 60 days of departure:

If within 60 days of departure, all cancellations will be completely non-refundable and will incur a $300 cancellation fee. Participant will also be responsible for any remaining balance on the trip if not already paid in full.

60 days to 90 days prior to departure:

Will forfeit all payments made. Even if the vendor applies a partial refund. Group travel is based on the number of people for the trip. Special pricing and discounts are given for group travel and due to this, advance payments are made to secure these special rates at a discount.

90 days to 120 days:

Will incur a $300 cancellation fee. This fee shall be deducted from any monies refunded. If only the deposit is paid and no other payments credited, the cancellation fee shall be due upon cancellation

120 days or more prior to departure:

Cancellations made outside of 120 days prior to departure may be refunded minus deposit.

H. Rescheduling / Rebooking

Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs reserves the right to cancel and/or rebook any reservations for travel for any reason. Depending on the trip and what is included in the original package. This may include air fare, transfers, resort/boat operator or other destinations. In such event, monies paid will be refunded or credited towards a future travel with the permission of the participant.

I. Participant Statement of Release & Waiver of Liability

All participants taking part in planned dive travel that is organized by and/or affiliated with Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs shall do so knowing fully and completely at their own risk. Additionally, participants on behalf of themselves and/or any minor under their charge to the fullest extent of the law shall release and forever discharge, waive any & all claims that may be made by them or on their behalf to never sue or prosecute any claim against Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs, owners of, agents, assigns, employees or insurers.

J. Assumption of Risk:

Participant understands and acknowledges that acceptance on a trip is predicated on their assurance that they are physically fit to engage in scuba diving activities, the risks involved & is willingly prepared to assume all such risk. Furthermore, the participant understands and agrees that any scuba diving equipment that in which they provide for themselves will meet or exceed current safety standards for equipment by the equipment manufacture specifications. It shall also have been recently inspected by a dive shop with certified service technician.

K. Change of Plan:

Group travel is sold as a package and cannot be altered, broken up or changes unless it is agreed to at the time of booking. Additional fees and cost may be associated.

The participant also understands that due to the nature of group travel, plans may change based upon the remoteness of the destination, local customs and or weather conditions. Substitute of facilities and or equipment, inconveniences including changes to the diving portions of the itinerary is not uncommon. Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs reserves the right to make modifications to and or cancel arrangements due to facilities, equipment or weather and will make comparable arrangements in response. There will be no entertainment for partial refunds in the event that such arrangements are made.

Also understood is that air fare, cost, taxes, immigration, and or transportation may impact pricing or scheduling. The participant accepts this and agrees to be responsible for any additional cost not included in the package.

L. Safety & Supervision

All participants will be expected to and within all respects be in charge of their own safety and control, supervise themselves and any minor under their charge and their property. It is understood by and agreed to by the participant that Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs dose not assume any responsibility or liability for the supervision and or safety of any participant during travel including such time that the participant is engaged in underwater activities alone, with groups, tour escort or otherwise.

Dive professional affiliated with Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs may travel within the group. Dive professionals that are traveling with the group are not responsible for the supervision and safety of any participant. Dive professionals may freely share their knowledge and experience with any participant within the group. This does not constitute assumption of safety and supervision by the dive professional. Any deviations from planned dives is the sole responsibility of the participant and all inherent risk that are associated with such deviations.

M. Certification & Classes

Booking dive travel is not participation in scuba training & instruction. Arrangements for scuba instruction and training MUST be made prior to travel & all training fees paid. Training fees are not included in any travel package and are in addition to travel.


N. Right of Refusal

Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs reserves the right to refuse any booking at any time for any reason stated or not.

By signing and/or submitting a travel agreement to participate in travel planned for & organized by PENNYROYAL SCUBA BLUE SPRINGS., each participant, on behalf of themselves and any minor they accompany, waive any and all claims, not to bring any claim against PENNYROYAL SCUBA BLUE SPRINGS. and to the full extent of law, release, absolve and hold harmless PENNYROYAL SCUBA BLUE SPRINGS., its owners, employees, and staff from any and all liability for loss or damage to property, for personal or bodily injury, including death, including loss of services, which I, we or any of us, may sustain on account of, arising out of, or in connection with the travel planned and coordinated by PENNYROYAL SCUBA BLUE SPRINGS. This includes but is not limited to personal injury or property damage from the ownership, maintenance, use, operation or control of any means of transportation, accommodations, or otherwise.

By affixing my signature below, I attest that I have read and understand all the terms & conditions herein and agree to abide by the terms as written.

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