Season Passes

If you enjoy diving and plan on doing a little extra dive logging this coming season, then the season pass is just what you need to get more out of your season. With the 2019 Season Pass, you will get to enter the park without having to pay the daily admission fee. For $275 you get the entire 2019 season to dive and save the daily admission fee to buy more scuba gear, classes or whatever you like. Simply put, your paying for 11 days of diving and getting the rest of the season free. It just makes sense if you love diving and want to do a lot of it this season. 

If you are on our email list before January 15th, you will have the chance to get a special discount code that will save you $50.00 off the regular price. We call it the Early Bird Sale. Passes go on sale January 17th, and for the first two weeks the discount code will save you an additional $50. $225 for the first two weeks of the sale now that’s a deal you don’t want to miss. Sign up for the email list before its too late. Too find out the terms of our passes, we have included them below. If you have any questions, please feel free to email, call or message us.

When ordering online please include your Guest number located on your Pennyroyal card in the optional area in checkout so that we can ensure your credited in our system. 

Early Bird Discount Code only goes out by email. Email will be sent out on January 15th. If you are not on the email subscriber list before the code goes out, you will not receive the code as we will only send it out once on the 15th of January.

If you are using the Early Bird Discount Code, Please make sure you enter it before completing the sale.

By purchasing the 2019 Season Pass, you are acknowledging that you still agree to the conditions included in the original waiver of liability that you signed and filed with us for the 2019 season. With the Season Pass you will still be required to check in with our admissions office when you arrive at Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs Resort and sign in. You will be required to present your season pass upon each check in day.

Season Passes are assigned individually and cannot be used by anyone else. Only the pass holder will be allowed to use the pass. Each guest that purchases a 2019 Season Pass will be updated in our records as being a pass holder and shall enter anytime during normal business hour without having to pay the daily admission fee, with the exception of any blackout dates applied by the resort for special events.

A special event includes fundraising events which may be held by an outside sponsor or sponsored by Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs. Guest may dive during such event by using their pass but will not be included in the events. All divers that hold a season pass and want to participate in any special event must register and pay all required fees for said event.

Season Passes may not be used to make special reservations during our reservation only times which is outside of our normal business hours. If a pass holder wishes to make a reservation, they will be subject to our Reservation & Cancellation Policy.

All guests are expected to obey the resort rules, any pass holder that is caught breaking any of our safety rules will be subject to expulsion and/or forfeiture of their season pass rights. The safety and wellbeing of all our guest is our first priority. Any serious violation of rules will include banned and forfeiture of their season pass rights without any type of refunds and asked to leave the resort property. Any guest caught intentionally damaging, defacing, destroying, and/or removing any resort property will be asked to leave No Exceptions!!!!

All season passes are property of Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs Resort and may not be altered or duplicated by any person for any reason.

By checking the box provided in this registration form, you acknowledge that you have read these terms and agree to all the conditions set forth herein.